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Knitters, crocheters, groups, help spread the word!

Knitting groups, individual knitters and crocheters, can contribute to the success of this knitting for charity project way beyond knitting and crocheting squares.

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Over 2 million blankets

If we increase the goal of knit-a-square to a blanket for every abandoned child and AIDS orphan in South Africa, that is well over 2 million blankets.

And the number of AIDS orphans is growing every day by over 500. Impossible to imagine.

Then there are the rest of the countries of Southern Africa and the world that make up 15 million AIDS orphans today.

While this may seem overwhelming, it is in fact entirely achievable because of the sheer number of good people, like you, who want to make a difference.

There are many millions of knitters and crocheters who are regularly involved in knitting for charity.

There are also many millions of teachers and parents who would be willing to teach their children to learn how to knit for this cause.

Hundreds of crochet and knitting blogs are devoted to their crafts, many of whom promote charity.

There are also many knitting magazines which regularly feature crochet and knitting charities, such as the Lion Brand newsletter which alerted so many of you to knit-a-square.

Simplicity assists success

In many ways it is the simplicity of the project which makes this massive goal so achievable. It does not involve huge sums of money, or days of work (although we know that many of you are knitting and crocheting way beyond one square, for which you are to be greatly thanked).


It is so little to ask

Just one square from every knitter and crocheter in the world and we would go a long way to making sure, that not only the children who are already alone and cold, but those that will be in the future, can have a blanket.


Every square made, and sent, will be in a blanket making a cold child warm.



What can you do to spread the word?

There are many ways that you can help spread the word about knit a square. Many of you have already started which is a wonderful testimony to your generosity.


1. Download the Promotional Material

Download the FREE KAS information from our resources page, then print and distribute them. You can give them out to schools as a free teacher resource, your local yarn shops, community boards, your local clubs, church groups, friends and family. Ask your friends and family to do the same.


2. Join our Forum

It is a wonderfully warm and friendly community of people who care very much about what we are doing for the children and about each other. There is so much energy in there, you cannot help but be enthused. If you wish to be involved in any way let us know. There is a powerful ideas thread, with so many great thoughts about how we can get more blankets on more children and involve more knitters and crocheters doing it.

Join The KAS Forum today, you won't regret it.


3. Join Ravelry.com

Join up to the knit-a-square Ravelry group. RhondaH moderates this group. If you are not a member of Ravelry.com, you need to join and then you can access the group. This will also be a great venue to discuss everything to do with knit-a-square.


4. Join the Facebook group

Join the knit-a-square Facebook group. Send the link to all your friends on Facebook.

Some of you may belong to other social networks, so why not start a group there? Upload photographs of your knitting to Flickr.com. Online social networking is a modern phenomena which has made it so much easier to spread the word, so if you know how to, please do.


5. Contribute to a Knitting Blog

If you belong to, or find a knitting blog, contribute a message to it that explains what knit-a-square aims are with a link to the site.


6. Write to the Editor of a Knitting Magazine

If you are a subscriber of various craft, crochet or knitting magazines write to the editor and point them in the direction of knit-a-square. Or if you local paper has a craft supplement, perhaps you could let them know about knit-a-square.


7. Involve your crochet and knitting group

Involve whichever groups you belong to, your book club, sports club, theatre group, walking group, fitness class. Someone you talk to will be interested in wanting to help. They will have friends who would like to contribute and so the wonderful connections will be made. Squares will arrive, blankets will be made, cold children will be warm. Simple and wonderful.

Many hands, many stitches, many squares, many blankets, many warm children.

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