Ronda has been in touch to let us know her concerns regarding the lack of funds in the KAS bank account. Ronda urgently requires funds to be able to carry out the winter distributions to the children. 

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Please CLICK HERE to donate directly to Knit-a-Square South Africa 

South Africa has an estimated 1.9 million orphans and abandoned children. Their sad tally is swelled by an average of 500 new children a day..

For these children, a blanket can be the difference between life and death. Between hope and despair.

KasCare’s knit-a-square program has inspired volunteers in more than 54 countries to knit and crochet 8”x 8"(20 cm) blanket squares, hats, vests and sweaters.

People all over the world are saying: ‘We can change this, one square at a time.’

Now, we need your help to continue this work to keep warm every child who is cold, who has been abandoned or orphaned, who is infected or affected by HIV/AIDS and who lives in extreme poverty.

In order to do this, Knit-a-Square must fund help for our hard working volunteers who collect, sort, record and bundle the thousands of squares and garments that are arriving every week. They must have proper working, storage space and adequate transport for collections and distributions.

Every dollar you give goes together with every square that is made to wrap a child warmly in your care, love and concern.

baby blanketPlease CLICK HERE to donate directly to Knit-a-Square South Africa 








We also need to sustain the resources required to find, persuade and inform the millions of knitters and crocheters throughout the world to contribute. Then we can continue to put tens of thousands of blankets on the children each year.

Your work does much more too

Each one of you who contributes through knitting and crochet or donating, tells someone else about the plight of these children and they tell someone else. Soon hundreds of thousands of people will know and many of whom will feel compelled to act.

WE MUST ACT. This is a tragedy of unparalleled proportions.

Thank you, your donation will make a difference in the life of a vulnerable or orphaned child.


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