Free Vest Patterns

The knit-a-square vests - free knitting patterns and crochet patterns to keep a child.

If you are looking for free knitting patterns or crochet patterns which are also great projects for beginners - and wait, it gets better - will make a difference to abandoned babies, children and orphans in Africa living with AIDS, then these simple little sleeveless vests will do all of that.

If you are learning how to knit or crochet, need to practice, or are advanced, try these online instructions for our vests.

Then please send it to South Africa to add to our efforts to keep the millions of orphans, as a result of AIDS in Africa, warm.

The full extent of the tragedy of AIDS in Africa remains mostly hidden as these small children battle to survive without love, shelter, education and warmth. If you love to knit or crochet, you can help with the last. Knitting or crocheting a vest for a cold child in Africa is like putting your protective arm around them. Choose from the range of free knitted vest patterns and free crocheted vest patterns below.

Grace’s Ribbed Vest /Veste à Côtes tricoté

This vest is stretchy with sturdy shoulder straps which makes it great for growing kids.

PDF icon Knitted_Garment_Graces_Vest1.pdf
PDF icon knitted_garment_vest_a_cotes.pdf

Robert’s Ribbed Slip-Over

The rib in this vest means that it will stretch over many different sizes and shapes, while keeping the child warm.

PDF icon Knitted_Garment_Roberts_Ribbed_Slip-Over1.pdf

Wendy’s Slip Over

This vest allows for a generous overall length especially for KAS Care children to accommodate potentially swollen tummies.

PDF icon Knitted_Garment_Wendys_Slip_Over.pdf

No Sew Crochet Slip-Over

This slipover is worked from the top down, beginning with a rectangular yoke. This means that there is no hand-sewing required to finish. Please use a soft yarn to make a comfortable garment for the child.

PDF icon Crochet_garment_No_Sew_Slip_OverR1.pdf

Crochet Slip-Over

This simple slip over is with simple crocheted rectangles. It’s so simple, even beginner crafters can make it! Please use a soft yarn to make this a comfortable garment for the child.

PDF icon Crochet_Garment_Slip_Over1_1.pdf