Free Crochet Patterns

Front Post Hat

This hat is extremely adaptable in terms of types of yarn and hook size. A blanket can keep almost all of a child warm, but they still need something to protect their heads from the cold!

PDF icon Crochet_Hat_Front_Post_0.pdf

Stretchy Crochet Hat

The hat fits well - nice and snug, it can be made with or without a roll-up brim and it looks great in plain colours, stripes or variegated yarn. The ribbing allows for extra warmth as well as stretch to fit the child. If you are concerned about warmth, please use 100% wool or a wool/acrylic blend.

PDF icon Crochet_Hat_Stretchy_Crochet_Hat.pdf

Quick and Easy Crochet Hat

A blanket can keep almost all of a child warm, but they still need something to protect their heads from the cold! Please make sure that the hats are large enough to fit a child’s head. Proportionally, a four year old’s head is almost the size of an adult. If the hat fits you, it will fit a child.

PDF icon Crochet_hat_Quick_Easy_Hat II.pdf

KAS Hand-Warmers/ Chauffe Mains crochete

The hand-warmer is designed to keep a child’s wrist and hand covered while leaving the fingers free. Classrooms are usually unheated. The hand-warmers will keep hands warm while the fingers are holding a pencil or crayon.

PDF icon Crochet_Other_Hand_Warmers.pdf
PDF icon crochet_other_chuaffe mains au crochet.pdf

Chain Stitch Square / Carré "Chain Stitch"

An advantage of this pattern is that, since there is no end to the rounds, you can tie on a new yarn when your previous yarn ends. You can also alternate yarns “round by round” to make it look stripy.

PDF icon Crochet_Square_Chain_Stitch.pdf
PDF icon Crochet_square_chain_stitch_fr.pdf

Diamond in a Square

This pattern produces an interesting square all on its own, but it can also be used as a technique to adapt smaller square patterns to the sizes required in KAS blankets.

PDF icon Crochet_Square_Diamond_in_a_Square.pdf

Granny Square

Granny squares are popular with both novice and experienced crocheters.

PDF icon Crochet_Square_Granny_Square2.pdf

Jigsaw Square

This square has a step pattern crossing diagonally. By choosing complementary colours, this can create a wonderful effect.

PDF icon Crochet_Square_Jigsaw2.pdf

Mitre Square

This square is guaranteed to come out the right size, because it starts from the corner and grows outward.

PDF icon Crochet_Square_Mitre.pdf

'Plain Jane' Square / Carré Simple

Plain Jane and striped squares are the most fundamental part of what Knit-A-Square does. It takes 35 of these squares to make a blanket for a child in need and each square is treasured.

PDF icon xCrochet_Square_Plain_Jane.pdf
PDF icon crochet_square_carré_simple_fr.pdf

Puffed Heart Square

Show a child just how much they are loved, by rendering a heart right into their blanket square.

PDF icon Crochet_Square_Puffed_Heart.pdf

Solid Square

This square is simple to make, without holes or gaps which might let cold air in.

PDF icon Crochet_Square_Solid1.pdf

A Warm-Hearted Square

The heart is a lovely way to show the children you care, by sending them a little love.

PDF icon Crochet_Square_Warm_Hearted.pdf

Wheel Spoke Square

A wheel-style centre adds an interesting focal point to this solid crochet square.

PDF icon Crochet_Square_Wheel_Spoke.pdf

Love and Hope Square

Crochet these words of encouragement. The children will love having a special word sewn into their blankets.

PDF icon Crochet_Square_Love_and_Hope.pdf

Alphabet Squares

These delightful crocheted squares make warm, solid squares. They are perfect for spelling words or making a complete Alphabet blanket.

PDF icon Crochet_square_ABC_instruction.pdf
PDF icon Crochet_square_ABC_graphs.pdf

Teddy Bear Hand Puppet

The children in South Africa have very few if any playthings. A puppet will give a child many hours of fun and laughter.

PDF icon Crochet_Toy_Teddy_PuppetR.pdf

Bad Hair Day Finger Puppet

A fun little puppet to stimulate conversation, imagination and creativity as a child plays and talks with the puppet.

PDF icon Crochet_Toy_Bad_Hair_Day.pdf

KAS Cuddlebug & Baby Bug

This delightful toy has been designed as the mascot for KAS. It will give hours of fun to the child who receives it. Check out the baby bug pattern listed in Variation 2.

PDF icon Crochet_Toy_KAS_Cuddlebug_Baby.pdf