Free Sweater Patterns

Easy and free knitting patterns for our own GO-OVER™ and KasSweaters.

Download any of these free knitting and crochet patterns dedicated to making orphans and abandoned children super warm even on the coldest day. All of these "KAS approved" patterns, were developed by our members, and appear in our KAS PATTERN BOOK

The GO-OVER has been designed and tested by Zanny Blew and Anne Powell and donated to knit-a-square's knitting project to make sure that even if you are a beginner you can make a GO-OVER™ .

Please ensure that the garments arriving in South Africa are large enough to go over the layers of clothing the children wear in order to keep warm. This was solved by creating the GO-OVER™ made up of 4, 8x8" squares front and back and then fitted with roomy sleeves. For our older children, the squares can be increased to 9x9" or 10x10".

These will be like wearing a blanket, which many of our children need to do as they often spend much time outdoors on bitterly cold days. Many of them wear all the clothes they own to keep warm. Not only will the GO-OVER™ keep them warm it will give them something warm to wear on wash days!

The full extent of the tragedy of AIDS in Africa remains mostly hidden as millions of children battle to survive, often without family love, adequate shelter, education and no warmth. If you knit or crochet, you can help with the last. Choose from the range of knitted sweater patterns and crocheted sweater patterns below.

Zanny’s T Sweater

This sweater is from the original KAS pattern by Zanny (Ronda’s sister, Sandy’s Mother). This was the first garment pattern issued by KAS.

PDF icon Knitted_garment_Zannys_T_sweaterR1.pdf

Heather’s Winter Warmer

This lovely raglan-style design uses colours and stitch textures to make a gorgeous warm sweater for a child.

PDF icon knitted_garment_heathers_winter_warmer_R3.pdf

Kathy’s Cozy Jumper

The beauty is that it really is so simple to make but so warm - which is of course the most important thing.

PDF icon Knitted_Garment_Kathys_Cozy_JumperR1.pdf

Chain Stitch Hexagon Sweater

This pattern is based on the same concept as the chain stitch square, except that it is constructed as a six-sided hexagon instead of a four-sided square. You may want to practise by making a chain stitch square, if you haven’t done so already.

PDF icon Crochet_Garment_Chain_Stitch_Hexagon_SweaterR1.pdf

Stripes and Triangles Go-Over

This pattern is worked in one piece from the neck down. Change colours as you wish to create stripes.

PDF icon Crochet_Garment_Stripes_And_Triangles_Go_ Over R1.pdf

No Sew Go-Over

This design is the pattern for those who would love to make a Go-Over to keep a child warm, but despair at the thought of sewing all those pieces together.

PDF icon crochet_garment_No_Sew_Go_Over.pdf