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A small charity will always have financial obligations to meet each month.  Your contribution will help in so many ways.

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 First and foremost we need a place to store, sort and organize the squares for distribution.  Rent for office space is expensive and must be paid each month.  The office rent for a day is 533R = 47USD or 30 GBP  Any amount you donate will help us carry on with our important work.


Knit-a-Square SA has Section 18 PBO status with the South African Revenue Service. Donations from South African taxpayers are tax deductible.  Receipts will be issued upon request.


 KAS SA operates out of premises in Randburg.  We do not employ full time personnel and the operation is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers – we are always looking for people to join our team, please telephone 082 655 5150

We meet at the office once a week to open the mountain of mail we receive from our generous contributors.  Each of these parcels needs to be opened, the content documented and donors details noted and the items sorted.  You could assist KAS by helping unpack, maintaining the databases, writing/emailing thank you notes and even with collecting the mail from the Bryanston Post Office.

If your talent lies in the area of fundraising, maybe you could assist Knit-a-Square by arranging a fundraising event?

Sewing squares together into blankets.  The more squares we receive, the more children we are able to wrap in warmth and love.  We require squares that are 20cm x 20cm for the beautiful blankets we sew together.  The rest of the world supports us by sending squares in a rather overwhelmingly generous manner.  We receive anywhere from 2500 and 5000 squares a week and so, as you can well imagine, we are always looking for people to help us sew the blankets together.  This is a great teambuilding opportunity for businesses, schools, retirement homes or any group of people looking for a way in which to support their community.

Skills development. It is the ultimate dream of Knit-a-Square SA to establish and run a training programme that empowers young women by teaching them the skills of knitting and sewing and assisting them to set up their own sustainable businesses.  This can only be realised through the support of businesses in South Africa who would partner with Knit-a-Square to achieve this dream.






Contact telephone: 
082 655 5150
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