The JBay Recycling Project

The JBay Recycling Project is an exciting initiative run in Jeffreys Bay, a town in South Africa's Eastern Cape. Founded by the Rotary club of Jeffreys Bay and Spirals Yoga Studio, the Recycling Project is based around a fantastic system where local children are encouraged to collect, sort and deliver “recyclable junk” to a central point and exchange it for tokens. They can then exchange these tokens in the "Swop Shop", for toiletries, food, clothing, blankets, school supplies and books.

A child registers for the JBay project

The relationship between KasCare and the JBay Recycling project began in 2012, when KAS supplied 100 blankets and 250 hats to the Swop Shop. These items were so popular that they were all snapped up in no time, which spurred a group of local knitters to form a KAS satellite group called the Stitch Witches. This group continues to knit, sew and supply the shop with blankets, toys and beanies.

A small child wrapped in a blanket purchased from the Swop Shop

There are many benefits from the JBay project for all involved. The project empowers kids, by allowing them to acquire the things they need most, without turning to a hand-out. It teaches those same kids the skills to decide how to manage their earnings; when to spend, and when to save. It cleans up the environment surrounding Jeffreys Bay, and it teaches everyone in the community the value in recycling.

The materials collected are sold to local recycler, Environman. Money earned this way, pays for about 30 percent of stock in the shop.  Local businesses and individuals are invited to contribute by way of donations for the shop stock. The stitch witches and various other supporting projects provide quality hand-made goods that families might otherwise not be able to afford.

A little girl has chosen a Stitch Witches KAS blanket from the Swop Shop

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